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Hello and welcome to Tri-money.com

Who are Tri-money.com? First and foremost, we are Independent Financial Planners who enjoy the sport of triathlon.

We understand that as triathletes, we come in all shapes and sizes, all abilities from Sprint and Olympic to IronMan Distance and Beginner to Age Groupers and Elite. The one thing I have found invaluable in getting started and helping me to achieve my goals and fulfilling my ambition of racing in Ironman competitions around the world, are my coaches.

Working with a coach is not just for elites - it ensures you get the best from your training and achieve your sporting desires, and that is what a Tri-money.com Financial Coach will do that for your finances.

We will evaluate your current circumstances, assess your goals and your ambitions, then set you a financial plan to help you achieve financial success, be this paying off a mortgage before time, investing for your children’s education or simply planning for an early retirement.

If like me, you spend hours training the body, isn’t it time you start to invest little time in training your finances? Financial Coaching supports and enhances your journey to make the success dream become a reality.

Each Financial Coach only works with a small number of athletes for whom they can have a major impact, if you would like to discuss this further then please call us directly on 0800 046 7453.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Jamie Gordon
Financial Planner & Triathlete